Foggy mountains in Italy after the evening rain.


This is my personal blog. It's still small...but I talk about computers, programming, interfaces and myself.

What I learned working with a senior engineer as a new grad

Apr 13, 2022

A summary of what I learned about software development working with a senior software engineer with far more experience than me.


My statement of purpose

Nov 15, 2021

I'm currently (Nov 2021) applying to graduate schools to study the field of HCI. This is a draft of my statement of purpose, where I talk about my history, why the problems of HCI compel me, and why I believe I'm qualified to work on them.


Create floors, not ceilings

Sep 15, 2021

What do Rust traits, React hooks, and Tailwind CSS have to do with each other? This post talks about patterns I've seen in extendable systems.


How I setup my website

Aug 20, 2021

Making my website has been like...a year-long endeavor. I guess it's never really finished, right? I just want to briefly talk about where the website's been and where its going.


UI/UX design and REST API design are the same thing

Jul 10, 2021

Exposing an API as a UI vs REST endpoints has a lot of tradeoffs. What tradeoffs are we making, and more importantly, how do we get the best of both?