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Links 08/29/2022

Some recent links to things and my thoughts on them

Git's database internals I: packed object store | The GitHub Blog

This blog series will examine Git’s internals to help make your engineering system more efficient. Part I discusses how Git stores its data in packfiles using custom compression techniques.

Interesting data structures and algorithms. Excited to read through this and the future posts!

CppCon 2018: Stoyan Nikolov “OOP Is Dead, Long Live Data-oriented Design”—Presentation Slides, PDFs, Source Code and other presenter materials are available at:—For decades C++...

I ran into "Data-oriented programming" recently with the infamous Mike Action talk. This is a different talk going through a real-world walk-through of how to apply it. I honestly really enjoyed it, even though the practical bits of what he went through are totally irrelevant to me in the land of Javascript.

Thoughts on Mike Acton's talk

Fleet Below Deck, Part V – The Story of Code Completion | The JetBrains Fleet Blog

This is a multipart series on building Fleet, a next-generation IDE by JetBrains. Part I – Architecture OverviewPart II – Breaking Down the EditorPart III – State ManagementPart IV – Distributed Tr

This whole series has been really really interesting, and it made me excited to see that Fleet's architecture is built on the same principles that have been advancing in the frontend community recently (the idea of using a synchronizing database), which are also the same principles our app is built on.